DSC01266“My voice always lets me down!”

Do you speak too quickly?

Can everyone hear you?

Does your voice go squeaky?

Does your accent need improving?   See below.

Do you sound monotonous and boring?

Do you know how to make it captivating?

Do you actually avoid and hate public speaking?

In this course you can learn to like the sound of your own voice - NOT to make you talk forever! – but pronounce and project so well that others love to hear you speak.

I have a large toolbox of very simple techniques that will adapt to work from your current capabilities.   You can also have an in-depth Voice Analysis which will reveal every aspect of your instantly recognisable, totally unique voice.  You will go home with the best simple exercises to improve it that you can prove with me that really work for you.  AND you will be able to capitalise on the natural strengths you already have, which you have probably never valued.

We play with the voice like a new instrument.  It’s great fun!



“I was quite frankly ‘gob-smacked’. I had no idea that you could hear all that in a voice.”

A complete stranger came up to me and said: “What a voice! If you were on Breakfast TV, I’d never go to work!”

“Many, many thanks Julia, for the great skill in training in this area that you have. You clearly are not only very knowledgeable in the theory of voice presentation, but also skilled in sharing that knowledge with others in a very practical way.”

“Well I never knew such a small thing would make such a big difference. I’m quite shocked!”

“People are actually turning round to listen to me. It’s the first time that has happened in the whole of my life.”
BBC Producer

“I have changed the way I approach every conversation and am really pleased with the difference it is making.”
Sales Manager after one session

“I amazed myself and my lawyers in the witness box – no tears, very very strong and said everything wanted to say despite my ex-husband’s aggressive lawyer. Timings went over so we won’t get judge’s judgment for couple more weeks. Huge thanks for all your help.”   This client won her case and didn’t have to leave her home.


How much can you change your accent?

Why do you want to?

Any change depends on :DSC02584

your ability to listen and imitate the sounds you hear
your level of stress
your time available for practice
your intention to change
any unconscious resistance to change

Working with me it doesn’t matter how strong your accent is, or where you come from.
I will teach you the basic elements you need to change first – even one newly well-pronounced vowel sound can make a huge difference to the effort people make trying to understand you.


Testimonials about ACCENT

“Thank you for your stimulating and thought provoking presentation. All the comments from my multi-national, multi-lingual team were very positive.”   General Manager

“I am so much more confident on the phone. People don’t keep asking where I come from any more.”
   Polish receptionist

“I don’t have to think so hard about my English now and can concentrate properly on my presentation.”
  Turkish Project Manager

“The American CEO only asked me to repeat myself ONCE in the weekly hour conversation! Now if that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is!”   Scottish Marketing Director

“Julia is half Japanese…”
   Japanese Company Director

“I can’t believe I spent such a long time without you. I always feel that you are beside me and talk with me in Japanese………. I can’t find any friend to replace you. You were my support in England and still now you are.”
   Japanese Housewife

“Thank you for a fantastic course, which in a few hours has given me more confidence in public speaking than many years of practising English “the hard way.”
   Spanish Sales Manager