Stress space“I never get time to think long-term.”

Have you got a big decision to make and keep procrastinating?

Is there one big thing you just can’t face or get your head round?

Are you fire-fighting all the time?

Are you finding time to do the things at work and at home that really matter?

Does everyone at home get the worst of you instead of the best?  Or just not enough of your time?

Do you find it all exciting but actually often overwhelming so you can’t see the wood for the trees?

Are you continually tired?

Is your health suffering?

Is life one long stress-out until you have the next holiday?

Time Out to be quiet and uninterrupted in a peaceful environment, even for a very short time can work wonders.  I have many simple tools and techniques of offer so you will be able to find what works for you.  In fact it can be magic the way solutions to overwhelm can rise to the surface when you give them the opportunity.

It is best initially to do this face to face but once we have met, you can have 15 – 60 min calls at regular intervals to keep you on track and in touch with your intentions to carry on achieving the top priorities.

If your stress has reached serious levels, I can recommend other professional practitioners that deal with health and diet in addition to complementary practices such as yoga, massage, reflexology, meditation, osteopathy, etc.   I do not recommend anyone I have not used myself as a patient.


“Julia has a particular competency in helping others to deal with the stress created through ambiguity and change”
Business Training Consultant

“I had a bad afternoon of work but learned from Julia to find a way to let it go. So after pounding the treadmill to get the frustrations out, in my mind I took a black marker pen and drew a line under it. And it was gone. I can’t even remember what it was about.”
Project Manager

“Thanks to you, I was able to stop thinking about the next meeting and concentrate on the one I was in.”