“I get stressed about it for weeks beforehand.”DSCN0860

As we email more and meet much less often, it is even more important that we make the right impact face to face.

Nerves can take so much of our energy, particularly when we want to be perfect.

Do they get you before you start, when you start speaking or half way through?

Have you had a terrible experience that needs reprogramming?

Do you keep changing your mind about how to present the material in the best possible way?

Are you presenting to or meeting a very different culture?

While we are working, you will be able to talk through your ideas, test them out in a safe environment and get constructive feedback.  I offer positive insights into your personal qualities, body language and quality eye contact to make you shine through your message and make it distinctly memorable. I don’t offer help with technology but help you not to hide behind it.

Whatever is your particular scenario that prevents you feeling and delivering at your best, I can help you find a confident way forward. I have many tried and tested techniques.  It will not take long to see what works for you.

I know how you can stand very comfortably in your own skin, be happy with the message content, format, variable audience responses and with whatever happens.

If you need any extra help with your voice, have a look at VOICE TRAINING.



“Julia, I actually enjoyed it!  It’s no longer such a big deal now.” 
Account Manager

They were so impressed with the way I handled the conference that I have been asked to put on another one in November in New York just for the senior managers, about 50 I think.” 
Business Process Manager

“Just to know I can call you the night before has taken a load off my mind.  I need you for emotional support.  I hope you don’t mind me calling it that!” 
HR Manager

“In just 3 sessions, Julia has enabled me to speak powerfully and with authority, giving me a huge amount of confidence. If you consider that you reap the benefits every time you speak, the lessons are priceless.”