“I never think I am good enough…. one day they’ll find me out.”

Owl 1Everyone of us suffers from this at some point in our careers and some of us, often very successful people, have this tape running in our heads most of the time.  At senior levels it is often called the Neurotic Imposter syndrome.

Is nothing you ever do REALLY good enough because you can always find ways of improving it?

Do you find it hard to receive compliments and positive feedback?

Do you feel guilty or unworthy and give all the credit to everyone else?

Do you know what your natural skills are?

Can you acknowledge them fully?

Do you know how to value your experience, your thinking and your achievements?

Does the job or project seem too easy for the reward and praise you are getting?

This is all about balance.  We can look at specifics and make some simple but profound changes in your perception of yourself – your learnt skills, your qualities and natural talents.

Greater awareness and acceptance of these will remarkably help and empower everyone around you, as well as yourself.  This will give you lasting confidence.


“The coaching has given me a greater understanding of my personal behaviours and beliefs and how I can affect them positively. It has also shown me how resilient I am, how open to change and challenge I am, and how I have many, many skills I have undervalued for some considerable time.”
Project Manager

“I don’t understand what happened. A rush of energy came up through my feet as I stood up (in court) and all my personal doubts vanished. I felt the room stir before I spoke.”

“The time I had with you has had a profound and positive effect on my life. I am doing some of my best work for a long time, and feeling stronger for having had our time together. I can imagine needing a new injection of your ‘magic’ from time to time.”

“And I love who I become when I am with you!
Charity Fundraiser