It’s lonely at the top……..!”

DSC02611Do you have a major life-changing decision to make personally or professionally?

 Do you have a complex issue that needs resolving and you know it would help to stand back and see it objectively?

 Do you wish to change your image, maybe in a new role, without going public about it?

 Do you just want an time out to vent and clear your head?

 Are there any other issues arising?

This is primarily about EFFICIENT THINKING and CONFIDENT DECISION-MAKING building on your business development and life purpose.

Do you know that having a mentor available only as and when you need them can be the most valuable use of your time?

It is both effective and efficient, not to mention the confidence you gain from knowing your thinking is clear and your decision is right. However difficult it may have been.

As you know, it can get very lonely the higher up you go, as you are constantly dealing with sensitive issues.  Nobody has been in your position and the buck stops with you, whether you like it or not.

Decisions about information – what to say to whom, when and how are constant issues.

You can talk to peers to get advice but they may not have time or be in the right state of mind when you need them, to hear you clearly.  Their responses may be biased in some way and you need an objective view, which those close to you can’t give.

Offloading information with a willing listener, simple though this sounds, in order to prioritise can save a lot of time.

As with most of the other options, sessions take place in an extremely quiet, uninterrupted environment with high quality insightful listening being the predominant feature.  I can guarantee that whatever conversation we have, it will bring value and often many unexpected benefits.




“One of the downsides of your work for you is that it is so powerful that I don’t need much. I was high for 3-4 days last time and I’m all right for a year now.”
Managing Director

“I had a bad afternoon of work but learned from Julia to find a way to let it go. So after pounding the treadmill to get the frustrations out, in my mind I took a black marker pen and drew a line under it. And it was gone. I can’t even remember what it was about.”
Project Manager

“The time I had with you has had a profound and positive effect on my life. I am doing some of my best work for a long time, and feeling stronger for having had our time together.”   Consultant