“I am actually very shy.

….I don’t do small talk.”

DSC02382Do you find that other people waste a lot of your time with irrelevancies?

Do you prefer to send emails rather than meet people face to face?

Do you find writing a lot easier than talking?

Do you feel awkward in large formal social situations?

Do you prefer just to talk to one person about important issues?

Do you feel ignored in meetings, especially when there are a lot of loud-mouthed people holding forth?

Do you have ideas that never get heard as yours, because a more confident person has grabbed them?

Does it concern you that others are getting promotion around you and your expertise is not valued?

The bad news is that you are making an impact all the time whether you like it or not.

The good news is that you have great hidden strengths that we can bring to the surface, whatever the situation so that you can be more aware of how to offer them in a way which is intrinsic to you and which has the chosen powerful impact you want on others.

Here you can do some great social confidence building. This is a very full programme which includes learning about your voice, body language – posture and gesture, quality eye contact, how you vary your approach, manage stress and keep yourself motivated.  We work consciously with the connection between mind and body to give you a much greater presence that people notice and value.

The result in every case I have dealt with has brought increased personal operational skills, new recognition and almost always, substantial promotion.


“Julia’s effectiveness is based on the exercise of outstanding perceptual, interpersonal and communication skills, rather than predominantly upon acquired knowledge and technical methodology. Having worked with her since 1989 both as an individual client and as a corporate buyer, I can say without hesitation that she is one of a very rare breed indeed. My organisation has gained greatly from her outstanding support work.”
Group Human Resources Director

“Well I never knew such a small thing would make such a big difference. I’m quite shocked!”  Entrepreneur