“I don’t really know what I want to do.”

DSCN1248Has life become meaningless?

Do you feel lost in this world that seems to have gone mad?

Do you wonder what you are here for?

Do you feel even more different from others?

You know there aren’t any quick answers to this, but many of us are here to create something new.

Here you have an excellent opportunity to hear yourself think with another pioneer: someone who was life-coaching before it was named, who also quietly pioneered ‘personal impact’ as being a softer two-way communication which would resonate more deeply than a one way loud delivery.

You can think and talk in a quiet and uninterrupted peaceful environment with a focused and highly intuitive listener who knows how to offer insights at the right moment.  It is hard to see yourself objectively so magic can happen in these circumstances when your thinking, feeling and passion can come together.  Results have been remarkably empowering, energising and sometimes totally unexpected

This session is highly recommended before you think of seeing a career coach because we will be uncovering fundamental values you have that you may not be fully aware of.  We will see how they already play out in the way you like to work, and what new ones need to be recognised.


“I am finding my work with you extraordinary and essential – and completely unexpected. I have never been able to have such a mutual exchange with a coach before and this is very important to me. I will do the exercises at home and see where they lead.”
Project Manager

“Julia has the unique ability to draw the private and public persona into a whole so that it operates in any arena with total and inherent integrity.”   Presenter