“How can I get that job?”

Bright bird

“I want to look bright………”

How comfortable or aware are you with your voice and body language?

Do you know all the reasons why you want that particular job in that specific organisation – not just the salary?

How much do you know from the inside about that organisation?

Have you thought about what you can offer your employer and what you can expect from him/her?

Can you be brief, clear and relevant?

Have you thought about the difficult questions you may be asked and how to answer them with confidence?

Do you just need a pre-interview booster the day before?


It’s often the unconscious subtle stuff that gives you away. All these topics are vital for you to be at your best, whatever your experience.

Check them out as we work together and gain all the confidence and self-awareness you need to make the right impact.  Practice with an experienced facilitator makes perfect.  See PERSONAL IMPACT to get more information.


Over a period of 5 years I worked unofficially for the Careers Director of London Business School who sent me all the MBA graduates who did not get past their first interview. Each graduate was given a single 2 hour session. Out of the total of 47 graduates who came to me, 43 walked successfully out of their next interview. The rest told the Careers Director that they were 100% satisfied with what they had learned about themselves.

Out of these sessions, 4 themes emerged which were handicapping the graduates :

·  the unconscious expression of frustration at not landing the job of their dreams

·  cultural differences of language and behaviour

·  unconscious body language which gave away nerves, exhaustion or lack of genuine interest in the company

·  a slightly over-confident approach at the 2nd interview which possibly put a potential future boss into competitive or defensive mode.  He moved to protect his own future by rejecting the candidate.