DSC01484_2“I don’t know the right way forward.  There are so many factors.”

Is your decision going to affect more people in the ways you can’t control?

Are people looking to you for answers in a timeframe that doesn’t work for you?

Are you looking for work/life balance yet again?

Do you just feel lost and don’t know where to start?

What is your process for deciding?   Do you think a lot, write a lot or just hope something will come?

Do you use your intuition?

Do you do lots of research or think you don’t need to?

Becoming aware of how you come to a decision is really important. The pros and cons are useful but they may not be the sole factors.

Even apparently small decisions can be very complex.  They need a quiet and uninterrupted in a peaceful environment with an attentive objective life-experienced listener.  Even for a very short time this can work wonders.   In fact it can be magic the way the solutions rise to the surface when you give them the opportunity, and you can save so much time.


“I found the whole experience incredible. I am stunned by how such an apparently simple process can be so powerful. It really helped to straighten out my thinking where before I was going round in circles, or simply just feeling stuck. It brought clarity to my thoughts and where I am going, and it genuinely felt like a weight had been lifted. I felt lighter and more focused. I have taken away some really valuable insights.”

“Julia is an unusually gifted listener with a remarkable ability to draw out and work through key issues without being intrusive, with great skills at helping one to gain unexpected but certainly relevant insights and perspectives, and with an unwavering commitment to helping one to develop practical and realistic action plans for the future.”          Entrepreneur

“Your company brings wisdom with it.”    Director of Charity