DSC02344“Is this all there is?   I want to do more, but what….?”

Has something sparked off thoughts that have changed your view of your work?

Is work no longer as interesting, stimulating and fun as it used to be?

Has the new arrival of xxxxx completely changed your commitment to what you do?

Have you simply got bored, need a new challenge or want something completely different?

Are you being head-hunted and need an objective insightful listener to make the right decision?

These are big issues which open up many more questions about your values, culture, experience, work style and skill-set to name but a few.  Talking things through with a highly experienced quality listener can give you greater understanding of what really matters to you and particularly how you see success.

Have a look at LIFE PURPOSE too.


“You always come up with options I haven’t thought of over the years.  I have never been disappointed each time I have come, and I don’t know anyone else I would rather go to.”  Managing Director

“Julia is an unusually gifted listener with a remarkable ability to draw out and work through key issues without being intrusive, with great skills at helping one to gain unexpected but certainly relevant insights and perspectives, and with an unwavering commitment to helping one to develop practical and realistic action plans for the future.”

“Julia’s approach offers a really attainable opportunity to make significant changes in one’s life.   An apparently simply approach hides immense skill on her part and I left after each session feeling positive, but above all empowered to make the kind of changes in my behaviour and attitudes which are realistic and which have an immediate impact on the quality of life.”
Senior Consultant