About Julia

Julia Page
Personal Impact is my life’s work.


“Oh the difference of man and man!” Shakespeare, King Lear Act IV scene 2

The intrigue surrounding the differences between one person and the next drew my attention when I was very young, even before we studied King Lear at school. Little did I know it was going to create my career.  I did know from a very young age that I had a mission to help people but I didn’t know how.

My father went to university and became a teacher. Not receiving any guidance or knowing what else to do, I blindly did the same. I chose French because I had an uneducated French grandmother and loved the sound and rhythm of a different language and wanted more.

Later, while I was teaching French I taught myself Italian, passed O level and landed a teaching post in Vicenza. Through extensive personal tuition of English after the TEFL qualification, and travelling, I picked up bits of German, Spanish. Japanese, Swedish and Arabic, (mostly forgotten now). From my listening skills and musical ear, I discovered I could identify the basics of accent in any language and created a career that aided facilitating communication skills for non English nationals.

Language – or verbal expression – which goes beyond clothes and style – reveals people’s differences whether they like it or not. What they say to whom, how and why – and what they know, but don’t say. Add that to body language, and with careful observation, you can see who they are. I have always been curious about the intention behind the words or the look, and I have learned over the years how to sense integrity (or lack of it!) behind the words.  Personal Impact grew out of that awareness and my love of life, languages and people.

As I never sought employment, wanting to offer my specific observations to self-selecting individuals, I was led to question why people chose the jobs they did.  So often I saw they didn’t fit.  Was it simply to earn, to get through life or to do something they could put their heart and soul into?   Now, happily many more are seeking the latter.  I believe we all want to know we have something to contribute and how to bring this benefit.  While we are still searching for it, we want more influence, which gets distorted into power over others.  Real personal power has nothing to do with power over others.   I think it’s about being happy in your own skin and trusting, despite continual challenges with your differences, that you can deal well with whatever comes along.  And to add another quotation from Lord Action (19th century):

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

My awareness of power has grown and developed over the years because I had to improve my own communication drastically. There was a huge gap between my self image, my posture, voice and the value people gave me. It made me study personal power wherever I saw it.  I now know that real power is something nobody can take away from you. Power as we tend to understand and practise it as power over others, only creates enemies – and war.

So having spent a lifetime choosing to be a sole trader developing myself and facilitating what I have learnt in front of individuals from all walks of life and careers, leads me to leave you with another Shakespearian quotation:

“Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile.”

With a smile, I might say, “So be good!”

I choose to draw out the best in people because from there comes their personal power which serves the world.