Mentor Menu


We begin with an exploratory session where we discuss where you are now and areas that
are preventing you moving forward in your life, workplace or both.
This one hour initial session will provide clarity and help decide what further
development you require and when. You choose from the menu the things that you feel comfortable
with so we may together release energies and establish positive pathways.

(50 minutes at no charge)

FOR STARTERSShaftesbury restaurant

As we continue to explore areas including values and purpose, this first course
ensures you are clear about the investment you are making in yourself.

•  Clarity on present confusion

•  What really matters to you long term and short term

•  Highlight your top skills you take for granted

•  Insight into a blind spot or two that we can deal with in the
Main Course see what decisions might have to be made

(one full morning or 2 sessions of 90 minutes)


This nourishing course fulfils the needs that are lacking and
satisfies sustainable and meaningful outcomes.

•  Core disruptive issues explored to find practical solutions

•   Time, energy and costs saved by working in the best possible environment

•  Objective personal learning from 100% quality listening and positive feedback

•   Priceless added value from insights, high sensitivity, intelligence and wisdom

(3 or 6 half day sessions until the objectives are complete)


We consolidate your learning through ongoing monthly updates,
ensuring your progress continues to give you satisfaction – as you learn what diet nourishes your heart and soul best.